Safety has relied on Infineon Flash for years - what about Security ?


In terms of memory concept Infineon fully phases over its offer of Smart Card ICs from Mask ROM to Flash based products. Being absolutely convinced of the numerous advantages coming along with this flexible NVM memory concept, Infineon designs all new security controllers based on its SOLID FLASH™ technology.

Infineon is looking back on a long history and a more than 15 years experience with Flash, which differs from ordinary consumer Flash by its highest quality and reliability.

Infineon's Flash based products are used in many life critical Automotive applications (e.g. Airbag, Braking) since years. Combining this experience with its high security expertise, Infineon developed the SOLID FLASH™ concept, which offers the required reliability and security needed even for high security Smart Card applications like Payment, Government ID, PayTV and High-end MobCom.