DC-DC LED driver ICs

Best-fit components for high-power LEDs

Besides efficiency and current accuracy, the main features in highest demand for DC-DC LED driver ICs are analog and PWM dimming and thermal protection of the LED system. Despite the high efficiency of LEDs, it is important to remember that nearly 60% of all energy supplied to LEDs converts to heat. Exposure to high temperatures significantly decreases LEDs’ lifetime, eliminating a key value proposition for purchasing an LED fixture. The value proposition from Infineon LED driver IC’s is a gradual reduction of the LED current which increases the lifetime and reliability of the LED system.

Semiconductors that enhance high-power LED designs

Infineon offers a broad portfolio of DC-DC LED driver ICs that supports currents between 150 mA and 3 A, making them the ideal choice for high- and ultra-high-power LEDs in general lighting applications. For buck topology, the ILD4000 and ILD6000 families are the best fit. Meanwhile, the ILD1150 family supports buck/boost, boost and SEPIC configurations.

If the budget is your main concern, there’s ILD4000, the low-cost DC-DC LED driver IC family with a breakdown voltage of 40 V and basic thermal protection. For customers requiring many features, discover ILD6000, the feature-rich DC-DC LED driver IC family with a breakdown voltage of 60 V and advanced thermal protection. Its trigger point for thermal protection is also especially easy to adjust. Your design’s efficiency can be as high as 98% across a wide range of operation conditions. Most buck LED drivers give your customers the choice between analog or PWM dimming.

Read the white paper to learn more about our advanced thermal protection with ILD6000.

Simulations with Infineon Designer

Turn to Infineon Designer, a digital prototyping engine, to easily simulate, modify and evaluate circuits and Infineon products. This powerful online SPICE and digital simulator contains a sophisticated circuit and waveform viewer, allowing you to quickly fine-tune your designs. Look for the round icon with a cloud and wave shown here to find suitable applications.

Buck topology

Driving high-power LEDs (150mA – 1500 mA) with advanced thermal protection

Driving high and highest-power LEDs (150mA – 3000 mA)

Application note Evaluation board                                           
High Power LEDs starting from 700mA driven by ILD4001 (AN213) 

ILD4001 1.0A BOARD

ILD4001 0.7A BOARD


Driving high power LEDs (150mA – 350mA)

Buck/boost, boost and SEPIC topology system diagram