LED strips and multichannel LED applications

Achieve top scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency

Both LED strips and multichannel LED applications require a constant voltage input, usually up to 60V. Commonly used in accent lighting , each LED string or channel needs an LED driver IC, usually a linear LED driver IC for up to 250 mA LED current, and a switch-mode LED driver IC for higher LED drive currents. Applications using linear LED driver ICs need a low voltage overhead of the IC so as many LEDs as possible can be stacked in series. This increases efficiency and reduces thermal overload on the LED board – two features the market demands.

Multichannel LEDs are the ideal choice when you require high light output combined with low output voltage, say below 60V. For such high current applications with switch mode LED drivers, the key challenges are current accuracy, PWM and analog dimmability, and thermal protection. Turn to Infineon for the know-how and components you need to do so.

System overview for LED strips and multichannel LED applications

Infineon’s products for LED strips and multichannel LED

To design the best possible LED strip, look no further than our portfolio of high-quality, cost-efficient components. For LED driver ICs, at Infineon we offer two main product families: BCR and ILD. The BCR series contain the smallest and most affordable products for linear LED driver ICs. The ILD series features DC-DC LED driver ICs that provide high efficiency as well as other interesting features, such as thermal protection. Both families come with a line-up of regulators with an integrated power stage and a line-up of controllers that allow the utmost scalability via flexible dimensioning of the output stage.

Explore our products for more details on how you can maximize LED strips and multichannel LED designs with Infineon.