Dimmable LED lamps

Energy-efficient retrofit lamps with the right form factor

Easily correct flickering and shimmering in dimmable LED retrofit lamps at low light output levels with solutions for retrofit lamps from Infineon. We enable you to design products with the right form factor and energy efficiency at a competitive price.

Infineon for best-possible dimmable LED lamps

In our wide-ranging portfolio of cost-saving products and components, you’ll find total solutions with the LED driver IC ICL8002 for dimmable retrofit lamps. We also offer high-voltage MOSFETs, such as CoolMOS™500V CE, CoolMOS™ 600V CE, CoolMOS™ 650V CE. Source these components from Infineon to fully satisfy your customers in terms of form factor, energy efficiency and price.

Dimmable LED lamp in isolated flyback topology system diagram

Application note Evaluation board
Evaluation Board ICL8002G Flyback EVALLED-ICL8002G-B1


Simulations with Infineon Designer

Turn to Infineon Designer, a digital prototyping engine, to easily simulate, modify and evaluate circuits and Infineon products. This powerful online SPICE and digital simulator contains a sophisticated circuit and waveform viewer, allowing you to quickly fine-tune your designs. Look for the round icon with a cloud and wave shown here to find suitable applications.

120V high efficiency dimmable 24W PAR38 LED lamp system diagram

Application example - 120V high efficiency dimmable 24W PAR38 LED lamp

Application note Evaluation board
PAR38 Evaluation Board LED ICL8002G EVALLED-ICL8002G-B3