Less noise, more efficiency. Just what consumers want.

When the time comes to select a new refrigerator, today’s consumers typically focus on two aspects: energy consumption and audible noise. Compact design is a third factor that frequently comes into play. Meanwhile, fridge manufacturers currently face more stringent regulations of the appliance’s form factor and are under constant pressure to reduce costs. Your objective as an engineer: provide compact, energy-efficient, cost-effective drive solutions for refrigerator compressors. Doing so will help your customers differentiate from the competition and better meet the latest consumer needs.

Variable speed refrigerator system diagram – discrete solution

Variable speed refrigerator system diagram – half-bridge IPM solution

Variable speed refrigerator system diagram – full inverter IPM solution

Inverterization – key to top energy efficiency

Infineon is your ideal partner for all refrigerator designs. In our portfolio, you’ll find a wide range of solutions for inverterized refrigerator compressors – whether your priority is achieving the highest level of integration using our IPMs or showcasing ultimate flexibility with the right price-performance ratio using our discrete IGBTs. No matter your target, our IGBTs, drivers, IPMs and controllers are designed to work together seamlessly. This means you can effortlessly realize smoother-running, quieter systems with low energy consumption and a smaller form factor.

By selecting components from Infineon, you get parts engineered for best-in-class performance that uphold the highest quality standards for long-term reliability. Moreover, our excellent supply chain allows you to both build the most cost-effective, energy-efficient inverterized compressors and meet the changing supply demands of the fluctuating consumer market. Explore our selection of semiconductor solutions for refrigerator compressors now to find the best-fit components for your designs.

From the stove at home to out in the world
From the stove at home to out in the world