Pneumatic management system for trucks and agricultural vehicles

A pneumatic management system for trucks and agricultural vehicles offers two primary benefits: it’s cost-friendly and easy to integrate. If these are your top priorities, Infineon is the best partner.

We offer an extensive selection of robust, high-quality low side and high side switches with the features and functions modern-day pneumatic systems demand. All components are simply implemented in the electronic system. Turn to our system solutions and reference designs to reduce effort and save money on your pneumatic system designs.

Pneumatic Management System Diagram

System benefits

  • Integrated solution reduces the design outlay
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility between the 12 and 24V PROFET™+ families
  • Family concept with RDS(on) scalability reduces the engineering outlay
  • Protection functions, including SC, overload, OT and ESD
  • Diagnostic functions, including open load, OT detection, integrated OPAMP and current sense
  • One stop shop: supply, microcontroller, actuators and sensors