Brushless DC motor control for trucks and agricultural vehicles

BLDC applications for trucks and agricultural vehicles must be especially durable to withstand harsh environments. Protection functions as well as diagnostic functions also contribute to the success of a BLDC design. And an integrated or discrete solution is required to precisely control each phase of the motor and FOC without sensors.

Infineon is your best choice for brushless DC motor control designs. Offering various robust, high-quality BLDC solutions, such as integrated half bridges and BLDC drivers. As well as our complete family of MOSFETs with RDS(on) scalability for a wide range of protection functions. All Infineon solutions are easy to implement while our BLDC system solutions and reference designs save you valuable time and money.

Brushless DC motor control for trucks and agricultural vehicles system diagram

System benefits

  • Integrated solution reduces the design outlay
  • PWM control
  • Discrete solution optimized for all motors thanks to a broad selection of MOSFETs
  • Protection functions, including SC, overload, OT and ESD
  • Diagnostic functions, including open load, OT detection, integrated OPAMP and current sense

Brushless DC motor control kit by Infineon

Electric motor drives are being used increasingly for water, oil and petrol pumps, fans and air conditioning systems in automotive applications. Here, in conjunction with powerful control algorithms running on optimised microcontrollers, Brushless DC motors offer very efficient solutions.