Cellular base stations

Energy-efficient, compact solutions for cellular base station equipment

Like in most realms of modern life, energy efficiency is a hot topic for cellular base station applications. More transceivers mounted on towers have led to weight and volume restrictions. In turn, there’s increased demand for a higher level of integration and lower power consumption. The upward trend in data usage also puts pressure on existing infrastructure. Likewise, there is a constant need to improve spectral efficiency and use non-contiguous frequency bands.

Above all, advanced cellular base station antennas require smaller form factors and customized solutions for optimum performance in terms of efficiency and linearity. Cost-effectiveness, reliability and high volume production are also decisive.

Cellular base station equipment system diagram

Superior efficiency and reliability

In Infineon’s portfolio of high-quality semiconductors, you’ll find the right products for your cellular base station designs. For instance, get power amplifiers with top efficiency ratings by choosing our GaN products. Or if you’re looking for highly reliable, cost-effective solutions, turn to our LDMOS components. Designs facing space constraints are best served with our integrated solutions such as RFICs and single-package Doherty transistors.

Whatever your application’s needs, we at Infineon offer you a customized solution, allowing you to achieve best-possible performance at the system level. Our cellular base station transistors operate from 5W to 400W, covering 400MHz to 3800 MHz for global cellular standards such as LTE, WCDMA/UMTS, CDMA, GSM, EDGE, TD-SCDMA. Got questions or need advice about cellular base station antennas? We are pleased to assist you with our world-class RF design expertise and global RF team support.