24 GHz車載レーダーシステム

24 GHz車載レーダーシステムは、より厳しい予算の制約があり、かつ自動ブレーキアシストや死角検知など需要の高い機能を犠牲にしたくない場合には、魅力的なオプションです。最も重要なのは、ソリューションが高度に統合されており、特に簡単に扱えることです。


24 GHz車載レーダーシステム システム図

System benefits

  • Infineon’s 24GHz radar technology offers a cost-efficient solution for driver assistance systems such as blind spot detection
  • The Infineon 24GHz transceiver is a highly integrated, SPI-controlled solution consisting of a VCO, medium power amplifier, power amplifier, frequency dividers, several sensors and two complete IQ receivers
  • The signal generation unit is a standalone transmitter MMIC with the fully integrated IQ twin-receiver MMIC, in which two complex homodyne down-conversion mixers are combined; a lot of different system architectures can be served by combining the individual components
  • With its SiGe-based technology, Infineon is the first big market player to offer a competitive solution with a longterm roadmap approach for any kind of short-range radar ADAS applications
  • Infineon’s AURIX™ 32-bit multicore ADAS derivative offers a dedicated feature set for radar applications which, in many cases, renders additional DSP, external SRAM and external ADC ICs obsolete. This results in cost-efficient short-range radar implementation