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The solution of choice for multi-application cards

Infineon’s SLC 32P platform is designed to reduce complexity and conserve resources while giving our customers a head-start on current market trends. It reduces development effort by accelerating design, approval and lead time cycles.

Single platform spanning all payment requirements and applications



The Infineon platform SLC 32P allows integration of all functions with only one OS solution.

This security microcontroller family is unique in the market as it covers the entire contactbased, dual-interface and contactless application spectrum for online and offline data authentication (dynamic/combined data authentication; DDA/CDA).


Further highlights include:

  • A powerful 16-bit core
  • State-of-the-art 65nm technology
  • A common footprint to maximize synergies
  • SOLID FLASH™ for record time-to-market
  • Innovative Coil on Module technology featuring inductive coupling


Product Product Description Interfaces NVM / 凌捷掩膜 RAM
Matching Results: 3
descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending
SLC 32PCA300   Contact-based security cryptocontroller
ISO 7816
300.0 kByte
8.0 kByte
SLC 32PDA348   Dual-interface and contactless security cryptocontroller
ISO 14443 A/B
ISO 18092 passive mode
ISO 7816
optimized for sub-ID1
348.0 kByte
10.0 kByte
SLC 32PDL348   Dual-interface and contactless security cryptocontroller
ISO 14443 A/B
ISO 18092 passive mode
ISO 7816
Mifare compatible
optimized for sub-ID1
348.0 kByte
10.0 kByte

Efficiency & flexibility

Fastest time to market with Infineon’s SOLID FLASH™ technology


  Infineon_Payment_SOLID_FLASH_Benefits Infineon_Payment_SOLID_FLASH_Benefits

SLC 32P features Infineon’s SOLID FLASH™ technology. This future-proof memory concept meets growing demand for increasingly differentiated types and levels of functionality in smart cards. It combines the advantages of flexible non-volatile memory (NVM) with a sophisticated security concept. Compared with ROM-based solutions, this smart design accelerates time-to-market by more than 50%. Furthermore, it significantly reduces planning and logistics complexity.


Easy transition from contact-based to contactless

With Infineon’s innovative Coil on Module technology


Infineon’s Coil on Module (CoM) technology features inductive coupling to give card manufacturers rapid access to the growing market for contactless solutions without having to make heavy investments in new manufacturing equipment.


Instead of a physical link between the module and the antenna, CoM uses radio frequency, which improves the performance, robustness and reliability of the final product.

Proven security

Leading security performance

The SLC 32P family’s proven security concept builds on a high-speed coprocessor supporting both symmetrical cryptography (with AES and DES) and asymmetrical cryptography (with certified RSA and ECC libraries). Chip security is further enhanced by the AIS 31-compliant Hybrid Random Number Generator, which uses a physical noise source and features built-in cryptographic post-processing.


Committed to open standards


The SLC 32P meets the rising performance demands of today’s contactless applications and supports all contactless transmission protocols, including the open CIPURSE™ standard for secured, cost-effective handling of payment and transport applications. The CIPURSE™ standard is non-proprietary, interoperable and capable of supporting multi-functional cards and infrastructure convergence.


emvco SLC 32P is furthermore the ideal platform for EMV migrations, for instance, especially where outstanding contactless performance is required. The combination of SOLID FLASH™ and contactless technology makes it a perfect match for Java-based implementations.


CIPURSE™ is a trademark of the OSPT Alliance

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
1 MB 23 Sep 2015 09_15
1.5 MB 18 Feb 2016 02_16

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
347 KB 05 Oct 2016 02_00


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1.4 MB 13 Feb 2015 01_15

Product Selection Guide

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2.1 MB 03 Nov 2015 11_15

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