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SLC 14

32-bit SIM card controller optimized for mobile communications applications

Our 32-bit SLC 14 family, produced with leading-edge 65 nm embedded flash technology, is a perfect fit for high-volume SIM card applications, offering customers a number of compelling advantages. With its powerful 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 core, the SLC 14 combines high-performance computing power with the most flexible flash technology. Flash memory scales from 256 KB to 480 KB with free partitioning between code and data.


Product Product Description Interfaces NVM / 凌捷掩膜 RAM
Matching Results: 7
descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending
SLC 14MCO256   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
256.0 kByte
10.0 kByte
SLC 14MCO288   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
288.0 kByte
10.0 kByte
SLC 14MCO312   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
312.0 kByte
10.0 kByte
SLC 14MCO340   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
340.0 kByte
10.0 kByte
SLC 14MCO384   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
384.0 kByte
12.0 kByte
SLC 14MCO420   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
420.0 kByte
12.0 kByte
SLC 14MCO480   32-bit SIM-card controller
ISO 7816
480.0 kByte
12.0 kByte

SLC 14

SLC 14 highlights at a glance

  • High-performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor
  • Internal clock frequency of up to 32 MHz
  • Up to 480 KB flash with free partitioning between code and data
  • Up to 12 KB RAM
  • Enhanced UART for handling serial interface in accordance with ISO/IEC 7816 part 3
  • supporting  transmission protocols T=1 and T=0

SLC 14

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
2.1 MB 03 Nov 2015 11_15

Product Brief

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326 KB 16 Jan 2015 07_13


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1.4 MB 13 Feb 2015 01_15

Application Brochure

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1.5 MB 18 Feb 2016 02_16
235 KB 08 Nov 2012 11_12

SLC 14

Protecting mobile devices from compromise and malware | Steve Hanna


Mobile security threats are on the rise. Mobile malware such as malicious apps can endanger confidential information like personal data and even cause severe financial damage. Hardware security provides strong protection for keys and allows reliable prevention or detection of changes made to the device.


Watch this video to see why hardware-based security solutions are a reliable tool for protecting against mobile security threats.

Length 3:59


SLC 14

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SLC 14