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Market-leading security expertise for the broadest range of products

With nearly 30 years of market-leading security expertise and more than 20 billion pcs shipped to date Infineon is offering the broadest range of products in the industry with respect to features and applications served.


We constantly innovate our products by combining the outstanding and certified security level with our cross-industry expertise in order to meet the ecosystem needs for security in many applications.


Just a click away you can find products meeting all relevant standards, ranging from classic Smart Card application towards devices suitable for the use in consumer, industry or automotive environments.


   Cipurse FIDO Alliance Member     emvco   etsi   Infineon_AEC_Qualified 

Leading Technologies

Our innovative drive brings you the benefits of the smartest security architectures and products with highest performance. All of our technologies are designed for ease of implementation to reduce your design-in effort and speed time to market.



The smartest security concept in the industry:



Flexible memory using a wide security concept: 



Simplified card design and manufacturing: 



NFC security solution for smallest form factors: 



Fastest contactless performance supporting VHBR:



Unrivalled total memory sizes:




CIPURSE™ is a trademark of the OSPT Alliance

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
2.1 MB 03 Nov 2015 11_15


Title Size Date Version
2 MB 13 Sep 2012 04_12
2.8 MB 07 Jan 2015 08_14
1.7 MB 17 Apr 2012 04_12
1.4 MB 13 Feb 2015 01_15

Product Brief

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380 KB 03 Nov 2014 09_14
326 KB 16 Jan 2015 07_13
406 KB 21 Jan 2013 04_12
250 KB 19 May 2015 05_15
238 KB 27 Nov 2014 09_14
296 KB 09 Dec 2011 00_00
570 KB 16 Dec 2014 08_14
203 KB 16 Nov 2015 11_15

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
2.2 MB 26 Oct 2015 10_15
767 KB 05 Apr 2015 03_15
1.5 MB 18 Feb 2016 02_16
1.1 MB 10 Nov 2015 11_16
1 MB 23 Sep 2015 09_15
235 KB 08 Nov 2012 11_12
565 KB 08 Nov 2012 11_12

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