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Embedded security combined with dedicated services for mobile business



Our OPTIGA™ Mobile solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile security customers. Supplementary to our solution offering based on our embedded secure element chip, we also deliver a complementary range of dedicated OPTIGA™ Mobile services. These include:


Keys and certificates

  • In-house generation of keys (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • In-house generation of (CA-signed) public/private certificates
  • Loading of keys and certificates (static and chip-individual)


Production services

Pre-loading of customer-specific static data

  • Operating system
  • Applications
  • Data

Pre-loading of customer-specific dynamic data

  • Chip-individual code
  • Chip-individual data


Logistics services

Marking and labelling

  • Customer-specific marking on packages
  • Customer-specific labels


  • Direct shipments to Handset manufacturer or customer manufacturing sites


Protect your mobile devices with our reliable OPTIGA™ Mobile solutions

Key features

- Solutions for mobile security customers

- Strong service offering with deliverables such as

  • In-house key and certificate generation and loading
  • Preloading of customer data
  • Logistics services


Key benefits

  • Increased security based on certified security solutions with a proven track record
  • Reduced investment in costly production equipment; no need to heavily invest in a secured production environment for the required delivery form (chip-scale package, bare die)
  • Lower costs and accelerated delivery times thanks to seamless integration of services in existing production and logistics lines



  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Mobile devices

Application Brochure

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Product Brief

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Additional Product Information

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Product Selection Guide

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Infineon’s embedded Secure Element

As an integral part of the mobile phone electronics, the embedded Secure Element provides security for NFC applications such as mobile payment, ticketing and access control. The embedded Secure Element is compatible with all common mobile phone operating systems.


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