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Scalable, easy-to-integrate security for your embedded project

Our OPTIGA™ family of security solutions is designed for easy integration into embedded systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of information and devices. These hardware-based security solutions scale from basic authentication chips to sophisticated implementations.


The OPTIGA™ Trust family includes turnkey products for smaller platforms as well as programmable solutions, while OPTIGA™ TPM (Trusted Platform Module) products are ideal for embedded PC, mobile and computing applications. All OPTIGA™ TPM products comply with the  Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards.


OPTIGA™ family

Combining state-of-the art hardware security controllers with software.


State of the art security solutions for embedded systems.


- turnkey -

Robust turn-key cryptographic solution to protect original products.


- turnkey -

Security solution for protecting original high-value goods and industrial applications.


- programmable -

Security solution for various embedded systems requiring maximum flexibility.


Standardized and feature-rich security solution for larger platforms based on the Trusted Computing Group specifications.

SLB 9645 TPM 1.2

I2C interface

SLB 9660 TPM 1.2

LPC interface

SLB 9665 TPM 2.0

LPC interface

SLB 9670 TPM 1.2

SPI interface

SLB 9670 TPM 2.0

SPI interface

OPTIGA™ family at a glance

  • Reliable products with a proven track record
  • Based on the latest cryptography
  • Third-party security certified (Common Criteria)*
  • Offering a variety of interfaces to match your system architecture
  • Easy to integrate thanks to evaluation kits, host code and reference applets
  • Developed and manufactured in a certified environment
  • Matching security to financial constraints (scaling from entry level to advanced implementations)

*This may not apply to all OPTIGA™ family products, for details please refer to the individual product pages.


Easy to integrate


Supporting a wide range of use cases including:

  • Secured storage of credentials (keys, certificates, passwords)
  • Authentication
  • Secured communication
  • Secured software and firmware updates
  • Integrity checks


For more information >The right security for the Internet of Things (IoT)


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Additional Product Information

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Application Brochure

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Product Brief

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Product Selection Guide

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> Click here to find out more about our IoT security demonstrations


Get started with IoT security and win an OPTIGA™ Trust E Evaluation Kit

Learn more about Infineon’s IoT security device – the OPTIGA™ Trust E. The turnkey authentication solution supports you in protecting your system against counterfeit accessories and spare parts. The Evaluation Kit allows you to test the different functionalities of the product and is a quick and easy way of getting started with IoT security. Don’t miss the chance to win one of the OPTIGA™ Trust E Evaluation Kits at www.ebv.com/optiga.


Length 3:06


Protecting your business case with Infineon

Counterfeit products are a major problem for brands and for the global economy: they can cause the loss of hundreds of billions in revenue, tax income and even jobs.

Length 3:39


Application kit demo: OPTIGA™ Trust - brand protection and device authentication

The global business with counterfeit electronic devices continues to expand. This creates a strong demand for robust authentication and brand protection solutions. To meet the growing counterfeit challenge, Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Trust product helps manufacturers of electronic accessories and replacement parts to protect their businesses against damages caused by counterfeiting.

Length 5:17



OPTIGA™ Trust P - device authentication in one device

The video will demonstrate how a single security element enhances the security of smart homes and the industrial production, and data privacy in hospitals. Furthermore it shows different ways of authentication mechanisms as well as the implementation of secured communication, secured updates and system integrity.

Length 4:46


Animation: How does authentication work

Counterfeit products are a major problem for user experience. Besides that, fake products are a significant threat to system manufacturers with regard to their Investments. Device authentication helps avoiding damage to user devices as a result of non-original, sub-standard accessories or parts.


Length 1:10


Advanced trusted computing with OPTIGA™ TPM

In the Internet of Things (IoT) mobile devices are becoming the center of the connected world. Large amounts of sensitive data are stored on the device are accessed remotely via network connections. Comprehensive security measures are essential to protect the device and its data and ensure long term satisfaction of customers. As market leader in Trusted Computing, Infineon combines proven track record with reliable platform security to enable trust in connected devices.


Length 1:37

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