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PMA Starter Kit

The PMA Starter Kit is an easy to use development tool coming along in a small form factor size, which can be directly connected to the PC via the USB interface.

This kit is tailored for first evaluation and software programming covering all products of the PMA71xx/51xx family.



Features of the PMA RF USB Stick

  • USB2.0 interface with hot-plug capability 
      o SW application download to PMA-Flash 
      o SW debugging
      o Power supply and battery charging
  • Rechargeable battery for autonomous operation after disconnecting from USB port
  • All output power levels available: 5, 8 or 10dBm
  • 4 general-purpose I/Os available on connector for external push buttons, LEDs, or digital sensors



Development Tooling - SmartLEWIS MCU  subcategories

PMA Evaluation Kit

The PMA Evaluation Kit consists of a PMA RF Evaluation Board. This kit is tailored for concrete application development based on PMA giving the developer highest flexibility and design freedom. Furthermore, the evaluation kit is required if the PMA LF receiver or ADC shall be used in the application.

The PMA RF Evaluation Board may be operated in two alternative options: The connection to the PC may be established by the PMA RF USB Stick (see PMA Starter Kit above) or by the advanced SmartLEWIS System Interface Board (SIB) which is optionally available.



Features of the PMA RF Evaluation Board

  • Crystal and RF matching network alternatively for following frequency and output power configurations:
      o 315MHz / +5dBm
      o 434MHz / +5dBm
      o 868MHz / +10dBm  - Other configurations
       (e.g. 915MHz) on request
  • All important signals of PMA71xx/PMA51xx and power supplies are connectable on board
  • Support of LF receiver (optional) and ADC
  • PMA flash programming interface for external prototype boards



PMA Demo Kit Video

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PMAfob – Keyfob Application Example

PMAfob is a typical application design for a wireless remote control transmitter. In addition to the hardware design, PMAfob comprises an application software example including encryption and rolling code functionality and a demonstrator software. The demonstrator software running on the PC is available in two versions, one demonstrating typical Home Automation applications and the other an automotive RKE system (Remote Keyless Entry).

The PMAfob is tailored as starting point for keyfob designs enabling fastest time to market.



SW Features

  • Secure communication
      o Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or
         Extended Tiny Encryption Algorithm (XTEA)
      o Rolling code generation
  • Five buttons (handling of five external
  • Button stuck detection and debounce
  • Battery voltage measurement

HW Features

  • ETSI and FCC compliant PCB layout for 434MHz
  • Printed loop antenna with matching for 5dBm output power
  • Layout and Gerber files available



PMA Software Development Environment

The SmartLEWIS™ MCU family has an on-chip debugger for KEIL development environment. A license free trial version (limited to 2kbyte code size) is available on the KEIL website:


Product Overview

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Additional Product Information

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Application Brochure

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Application Notes

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Product Selection Guide

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