Development Tooling - Receiver

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Development Tooling - Receiver


The Universal Wireless Link (UWLink) Evaluation Kits are the newest development environment for development on system level. UWLink includes a microcontroller mainboard and a stacked RF Extension Board. As such, UWLink can be either used as pre-programmed interface between a MS-Windows PC-Evaluation Software and the RF Extension Board or as an open programmable XC886 microcontroller board. UWLink is not tailored for deep RF performance evaluation. For such purpose the Standard Evaluation Kits shall be used.


UWLink is available for:

  • SmartLEWIS RX - TDA5230 


Details and latest Software Downloads 


Development Tooling - Receiver

SmartLEWIS RX+ - TDA5240/35/25 Evaluation Kit

The TDA5240/35/25 Evaluation Kit consists of a SmartLEWIS RX+ based RF Evaluation Board and the optionally available SmartLEWIS System Interface Board (SIB) for easy connection to the PC. Powerful Software Tools with graphical user interface (GUI) enables easy configuration of the autonomous receiver and supports your wireless control application development. 


Features of the TDA5240/35/25 Evaluation Kit:

  •  RF Board
  •  Antenna included
  •  Communication Software for PC

The SmartLEWIS RX+ Evaluation Hit is available for 315, 434, 868 and 915 MHz




SmartLEWIS RX – TDA523x Evaluation Kit

The TDA523x Evaluation Kit consist of a TDA523x based RF board including USB interface for easy connection to the PC. Powerful Software Tools with graphical user interface (GUI) enables easy configuration of the autonomous receiver and supports your wireless control application development.


Features of the TDA523x Evaluation Kit:

  • RF Board with USB Interface to PC
  • Antenna included
  • Communication Software for PC
  • The TDA523x Evaluation Kit is available for 315, 434 and 868MHz



Standard RX and TX Evaluation Kits

For the standard receiver products TDA52xx and TDA72xx Infineon offers a wide range of evaluation kits depending on the product variant and the required frequency band. The evaluation kit is always a receiver-transmitter combo evaluation kit, to enable easy product testing and application development.


Features of the Standard RX Evaluation Kit:

  • Receiver RF board  
  • Corresponding Transmitter RF Board
  • Antennas included


Note: the picture shows the latest TDA7200-TDA7100 evaluation kit. Different boards and features apply to other product variants.



Development Tooling - Receiver

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Development Tooling - Receiver

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Development Tooling - Receiver

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Development Tooling - Receiver