RF Power

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RF Power

RF Power Transistors for Cellular Infrastructure
Infineon’s provides solutions that address key requirement of today’s cellular communication systems: wide signal bandwidth, DPD linearization, high efficiency and compact designs.

Key Features:

  • 28V and 50V process technology
  • Broadband designs
  • Wide video bandwidth
  • Compact Doherty designs
  • High performance package technology with copper head slugs

wireless antenna


Communications / High Power Pulsed Application
Our RF Power technology portfolio provides the most advanced solutions for today’s communication amplifiers and the most rugged and stable devices in pulsed applications.

Key Features:

  • 450MHz to 2700 MHz
  • Power levels from 4W to 1000W
  • High ruggedness
  • High RF consistency
  • Specialized solutions for RADAR, commercial avionics, broadcast and ISM applications




RF Power

Featured Product
5W & 10W Unmatched RF Power Transistors

20W & 40W Cellular Systems Doherty Solutions for 1800/1900 MHz Bands

  • PXAC182002FC (For 20W Systems)  
    Typical Doherty RF Characteristics: 
    • P OUT = 28W avg
    • Gain = 16.5dB
    • Efficiency = 51%
    • Signal: 1C WCDMA
  • PXAC192908FV (For 40W Systems)
    Typical Doherty RF Characteristics
    • P OUT = 70W avg
    • Gain: 14dB
    • Efficiency: 49%
    • Signal: 1C WCDMA

RF Power

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RF Power

RF Power

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