EconoPACK™+ D-series

Fit for the future

The next evolution step in reliability and power density for advanced inverter designs.

EconoPACK™+ D-series - IGBT modules for increased requirements

Increasing the efficiency while gaining the lifetime and durability of a state of the art frequency converter is one of the main challenges in power electronics. Power semiconductor modules are an essential part of these concepts.

To meet these high standards also in the future, Infineon developed the new EconoPACK™+ D-series. The new EconoPACK™+ D-series is based on the well known and established EconoPACK™+ platform.
The D-series is focused on a rugged and robust module design by injected molded control and power terminals and ultrasonic welded power terminals.

The innovative EconoPACK™+ D-series takes care of reliable and solderless press in contacts with PressFIT auxiliary terminals. The PressFIT contacts provide also the flexibility for a solder process, if required.

In combination with the state of the art IGBT technologies the EconoPACK™+ is prepared to fulfill the future requirements.

Make the next step with the EconoPACK™+ D-series.

EconoPACK™+ D-Series with PressFIT Technology

  • Lead free mounting to meet RoHS
  • Easy solder less mounting concept saves production cost and time
  • High reliability by decreasing FIT rate compared to spring or solder PCB mounting
  • Approved technology, already used in automotive

EconoPACK™+ D-Series – Fit for the future

  • Focus on Robust Design
  • Injection molded terminals
  • Ultrasonic welded Power Terminals

EconoPACK™+ D-series with TIM

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for increased system lifetime

  • Increased system reliability
  • Optimized thermal management
  • Best in class thermal resistance
  • Reduced process time in manufacturing
  • Improved handling in mounting and maintenance

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Watch our latest videos presenting Thermal interface Material (TIM) or the PressFIT mounting technology.

Thermal Interface Material
Thermal Interface Material
PressFIT Technology
PressFIT Technology