IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 99

Fig. 2.25
Solder connections between a printed circuit boardandan IGBTmodule Plug connections
In power electronics, the plug connection has the task of the signal connection to the
IGBT component and is used in conjunctionwith bolt-typepower terminals.
The contact pair plays a key role in plug connection. Even now, in IGBT components,
only low-level or gate control signals are transmitted via plug connections. To prevent
the effects of corrosion and ensure excellent reliability even under mechanical load like
vibration and thermal change, thematerials used in the plug connections play a primary
role. The contacts are usually copper, coated with silver or nickel/tin, but brass with
nickel/gold coatings is also used. Alignment with the power electronicsmanufacturers is
always essential, in order to find the correct contact partners for plug connection.
One plug connector that has become popular with all manufacturers of 34mm to 80m
IGBT half-bridgemodules is the 2.8mm Faston pin. This connection technology is used
in the standardmodules for the physical sizes 34mm, 45mm/48mm, 62mm and 80mm.
The 2.8mm Faston connection is described by IEC 760: Width 2.8mm, thickness
0.5mm and length 8.6mm. However, some manufacturers make 2.8mm Faston
connectors that deviate from the standard in terms of lengthand thickness.
Amongst 2.8mm connectors, as in their counterparts, there are differences in the
materials used. The basic material for the connectors is brass or phosphorus/bronze.
These materials are coated with tin or silver. For very high temperatures up to 250°C,
there are also steel connectors with a nickel coating. If the 2.8mm connector has plastic
insulation, care should be taken that no PVC, ABS, polyethylene or polyester insulation
is used, as these materials have a maximum temperature of only up to 90°C.
Polyamides (nylon) are suitable for temperatures greater than 125°C and are a better
choice. Suppliers of Faston connectors include Wieland-Werke AG, Gustav Klauke
"34 mm" to "80 mm" refers to the width of the baseplate of the IGBT modules. A standard for half-bridge
modules that describes the semiconductor modules by the width of the baseplate has been established amongst
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