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Copper bond wire has only recently been introduced to IGBT modules, and opens the
way to greater power density. Copper bond wire makes it possible to achieve greater
current density and improved cooling of the outlet terminals.
shows a
simulated result for thepurposes of comparison.
Fig. 2.14
Copper framebondas illustrated by anEconoDUAL
11 Soldering
Next to the frame bond, the solder bond is still the most common method of electrical
bonding. It involves soldering the load and/or auxiliary terminal to the DCB and
mechanically binding it/them to theplastic caseas a next process step.
Fig. 2.15
Solder bondingof a load terminal
Somemanufacturers interconnect DCB in the same soldering process, as shown i
shows an alternative, with a bond wire connection). The soldering of
these connections, as well as of the load and control connections, is carried out at a
soldering temperature lower than generally used in chip and baseplate soldering.
Otherwise, reflowwould occur, which leads to uncontrolled soldered joints.
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