IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 88

Fig. 2.10
The bonding process
Copper wire bonding is a new bonding technology process. As in heavy-wire bonding, it
processes a copper bond wire of 100µm to 500µm. A different cutting process is
required because the copper bond wire cannot be cut like the aluminiumwire can, as it
is a lot harder.
The different bondingprocesses for semiconductor components are:
thermo-compressionbonding (TCbonding),
thermosonic ball wedge bonding (TS bonding),
ultrasonicwedgewedgebonding (US bonding).
The first two in the list usually use gold wire, whereas US bonding uses aluminium or
aluminium/silicon wire. This latter bonding process is often found as ultrasonic wedge
wedge bonding in differentmodels of all designs from all manufacturers.
Fig. 2.11
Front contact between IGBTs and diodeswith aluminiumbondwires
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