IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 66

Fig. 1.46
IEGT (not to scale)
1.5.7 Trench-FS IGBTs
The combination of the fieldstop concept and a trench gate structure produces the
Trench-Fieldstopor Trench-FS IGBT.
The Trench-FS IGBT, which represented a significant milestone in the evolution of
IGBTs, was first introduced by Infineon Technologies in 2000. Other manufacturers also
used the concept in subsequent years.
The interplay of the FS layer, which enables a reduction in chip gauge at the same
voltage rating, and the use of the trench gate structure, which distributes the charge
carrier density in the silicon more evenly, has facilitated significant improvements.
Specifically, these are:
A reduction in conduction and switching losses with the same robustness as
previous IGBT technology generations.
An increase in power density, i.e. current density per area.
A reduction in theamount of silicon usedper IGBT.
Fig. 1.47
Layer sequence and electrical field distribution of a Trench-FS IGBT (not to
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