IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 58

Fig. 1.36
Trade-off diagram for 1.2kV IGBTs by Infineon Technologies, for generations
2 to 4, scaled toa corresponding 50A chip at T
= 125
C and typical datasheet values
Driven by different manufacturing philosophies, there is now a range of surface
structures and further integrated functions in IGBT semiconductor chips. For example,
some manufacturers position the gate pad centrally in the IGBT chip, whereas others
keep it at the side. Somemanufacturers integrate a current sensor, on-chip temperature
sensors and/or gate resistors (chapte
Fig. 1.37
Examples of surface views of different IGBTs
1.5.1 Punch through (PT) IGBTs
PT IGBTs were the first IGBTs available on the market. Their main structure and the
electric field for different collector-emitter voltages in the blocking state are shown i
Manufacturing is based on the heavily p
-doped substrate, ontowhich the n
- buffer and
-base layers are applied using epitaxy. This is followed by a diffusion and implantation
process inwhich theemitter and gate structures are set.
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