IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 521

The use of the otherwise mandatory solder layer between the baseplate and the DCB
canbe omitted.
Aluminium is used for the baseplate instead of copper when the ceramic is bonded
directly. The same applies to the layout of the upper surface of the ceramic. Here too,
copper is swopped for aluminium. Due to the direct connection of the baseplatewith the
ceramic layer, however, there is a limitation. This refers to the size of such a unit.
Therefore in practice, several such units are joined by a frame structure of themodule.
Fig. 14.21
Schematic design of a multi baseplate module as an example of a Mega
Power Dual
14.5.7Copper bondwires
Currently aluminium bond wires are used in IGBT modules. As described in chapter
a swop to copper bond wires already starts to happen. The frame bonding is
MegaPower Dual
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