IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 479

In some applications, however, it is not always possible tomount the entire driver stage
directly to the IGBTmodule, due to external circumstances. In this case it is important to
keep the distance between the auxiliary terminals of the module and the driver unit to
only a few centimetres. If this cannot be achieved, the driver unit should be separated
into two parts:
Driver core
Module adaptor board
In any case, the module adaptor board should be mounted as closely to the module,
preferably directly onto it.
shows some arrangements in principle and lists
advantages anddisadvantages.
Fig. 13.9
Arranging driver and IGBTmodule
details the impact of different locations of the driver stage on the switching
Some negative aspects may arise, however, with the mechanical coupling of driver
stage and IGBT module. This includes the fact that the auxiliary terminals of the IGBT
module may bear temperatures, which are near the limits of the PCB and/or increase
the ambient temperature of components near the PCB inadmissibly. On the other side,
magnetic fields caused by the high currents inside themodule, especially during a short
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