IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 478

exceed the values for the RMS current I
and the maximum pulse load capability,
both quoted in themanufacture’s datasheet.
Fig. 13.7
Switching over-voltages during the IGBT turn-off with and without snubber
13.7 Positioning thedriver unit
Generally, the driver unit should be located as closely as possible to the associated
IGBT module. Many IGBT modules provide a dedicated area for this.
three examples of this.
Fig. 13.8
IGBTmoduleswith the drivermounteddirectly
Arrangements of this kind offer a number of advantages and should therefore always be
the preferred assembly option in an inverter. The individual advantages are:
Defined mechanical arrangement and a parasitic influence, which is the same
for every IGBT/driver combination in the inverter. And, with regard to this
aspect, the switching behaviour is the same too.
Reduction of the parasitic influences due tominimal gate leads. Consequently,
a lowand defined impedanceof thegate lead.
Measures to protect the gate from charge via theMiller capacitance (e.g. gate
clamping) are very closelymounted to the gate and, hence, efficient.
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