IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 462

Fig. 12.33
Characteristics of KTY sensors
12.6 Doublepulse test
This sub-chapter looks in detail at the double pulse test mentioned in the previous
chapters. It is advisable to perform the double pulse test before commissioning an entire
system or to characterise IGBTmodules. The double pulse test is carried out in a half-
bridge topology, with the behaviour of the IGBT being tested with the diode in the
corresponding half-bridge under different load conditions. It is suitable for characterising
power electronics components and their control, as well as for checking pre-series
inverters. The double pulse test makes it possible to test the gate drive and dynamic
behaviour of power electronics components under a variety of conditions, using almost
negligiblepower. These include:
Behaviour at different temperature levels.
Short circuit behaviour and short circuit shutdown.
Behaviour of the gate drive, adjustment of R
Over-voltage behaviour on turningoff, e.g. adjustment of ActiveClamping.
Current distributionwhen connected inparallel.
Diode recovery.
Measurement of switching energies.
Below is one exampleof how to carry out adouble pulse test.
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