IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 455

Fig. 12.27
Measuring theDC-bus voltageusinggalvanic isolation
12.5 Measuring temperature
Fig. 12.28
AFluke digital thermometer
A factor that limits the use of semiconductors is their maximum junction temperature
. It is therefore important, both for the developer of the application and, later on, the
user, when it is operational, to find out what the junction temperature is. There are
several methods of determining this, based on indirect or direct measurement. Indirect
methods include all temperature measurement that does not measure the actual chip
temperature but uses a different reference point in the system, often the temperature of
the baseplate of the IGBTmodule and/or the temperature of the heatsink. This can be
determined during the development phase, for example by using a digital thermometer.
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