IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 436

Fig. 12.8
Read-out electronics for a shunt inDC connection
While the variant shown in
is more suitable for low-cost and low-performance
applications, another approach is required for highly dynamic drives and high end
applications. In applications of this type, current is usually measured in the output
. When a shunt is used, isolation has to be integrated within the read-out
electronics in order to separate the high-voltage section of the inverter from the low-
voltage part of the microcontroller. It also ensures appropriately precise and linear
mapping of the current. One way to achieve this is to use isolated analogue-digital
converters (ADC) based on sigma-delta (
) ADC (Chapter
one such implementation.
Reasons for this include direct mapping of phase currents, ease of recognition of overload and short circuit
currents, etc.
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