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Fig. 11.44
Examples of topologies for solar inverters
11.6.4Windpower inverter
Aswith solar energy, wind energy has becomemore andmore prevalent in recent years
as an alternative to fossil fuels. As electrical machines are required in the exploitation of
wind energy, to convert the kinetic energy into electricity, the associated inverter design
depends strongly on the generator and the feeding concept into the grid. One of the first
wind turbines in the 1950s was based on a concept, where a rotor was connected via a
gearbox with an induction machine which then fed the grid directly. The advantage of
this system is the simple construction and low use of power semiconductors (only
needed as a soft starter for the start). Disadvantages on the other hand were the fixed
rotor frequency and the lowefficiency
In the 1980s, wind turbines with synchronous machines and without gearboxes were
introduced, which could be operated at different rotor speeds. To supply the electrical
Two other variants (SEPICandZ-inverter) were alreadypresented i
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