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Overall, so far, few commercial inverter manufacturers have launchedmatrix converters
in the market, hence, on the power semiconductor side, only a few modules were
designed specifically formatrix converters
11.6 Sampleapplications
In addition to the discussed topologies and application examples in the previous
chapters, selected applications based on IGBT power semiconductors will be presented
Servo drives are highly dynamic drive systems, which have a position control as well as
speed and/or torque control. Their main area of use is where ever great demands exist
on the accuracy and/or the speed range of the drive, as for drives in the textile industry
or for industrial robots. The inverter systems of such drivesmake high demands on the
following functions:
Rapid change in speed
Rapid change in torque
Stopwith brake torque
Regarding the power semiconductors in servo drives, this means that an overload
capability is requiredwith two to six times nominal current. Especiallywith the rapid load
changes, in the range of fractions of seconds to a few seconds, and at low speeds, it is
of importance that a sufficiently large thermal capacity Z
exists to dissipate the
internal losses of the semiconductors. Therefore, in this application, themajority of IGBT
modules have a copper baseplate. Furthermore, a high load cycling capability,
especially with regard to the bond connections within the IGBT, is necessary to achieve
lifetimes of 10 years ormore.
For fast deceleration of the drive it requires a brake chopper to dissipate the energy
released during braking via a resistor. Without this brake chopper the regenerated
power would charge theDC-bus above its nominal value and thus possibly damage the
drive itself. For this reason, IGBT modules with PIM/CIB topologies are often found in
servo drives.
An example is the EconoMAC module FM35R12KE3 by Infineon Technologies. In this module, the nine
switches for theDMC are implemented ina common collector arrangement.
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