IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 407

...reduceddistortionof output voltageor output current
...improvedEMC performance
...lowered overall system cost
Fig. 11.30
CascadeMulti-Level Cell (CCML) VSI
Three-level inverters are built in a combination of different modules as depicted i
ith the example of aDCML/NCML half-bridge . Variant a) shows a bridge of four
IGBT singlemodules and a diodemodule. In variant b) instead of single IGBTmodules
dual modules are used. Variant c) shows a design with chopper modules. Since about
2008, manufacturers offer modules with a 600V or 650V voltage rating, which include a
complete half-bridge, i.e. a three-phase three-level inverter can be implemented with
only threemodules. The objective is, especially for the newmarkets such as solar and
UPS, to simplify the mechanical design and to reduce switching over-voltages caused
by the influence of stray inductances.
An important criterion in the design of a three-level inverter is to achieve a low stray
inductance, especially in the commutation path of T
. But also the detection and
turn-off of short circuits (chapte
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