IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 393

The Vienna Rectifier offers the following advantages over a three-phase, two- Active
Front End:
Reducing the number tohalf of active switches (IGBTs).
Reduced switching frequency, thereby reducing switching losses at the same
defined conditions, or, for the same switching frequency, reduced input
Reducing the required voltage rating for the active switches to half (not
considering switching over-voltages). Thereby reducing the conduction losses
and semiconductor costs. This offset the use of the two additional diode paths
partially or completely.
Active control of the power factor with suitably designed control of the IGBTs.
This itself can be a power factor correction (PFC) unit without additional
components, so the application can be operated with a power factor of cos
(near) 1.
Fig. 11.13
Conduction phases of the Vienna Rectifier in dependence of the voltage U
and of the switching status of the IGBTT
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