IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 366

Fig. 9.6
If, when and to what degree oscillations will occur depends very much on the applied
conditions. Some of the factors are listed i
IGBT/diode turn-off
Up to 5µs after IGBTor diode turn-off
Oscillation frequency 200…500MHz
Influencing factors
Internal module construction
IGBT/diode characteristic
Junction temperature
Tab. 9.3
Influencing factors of possible oscillations in the tail current of IGBT/diode
xemplifies oscillations in the tail current when IGBTand diode are turned off.
Fig. 9.7
Oscillations in the tail current when IGBTand diodeare turnedoff
To avoid such oscillations specially placed bonds are set on the paralleled
semiconductors inside the module for example. This serves mainly to change the
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