IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 353

Fig. 8.14
Parallel connectionwithCONCEPTSCALE-2 gatedrive
In conclusion, with a compensated DC-bus as described in chapter
and a
galvanically isolated control, optimal current matching is achievable. If the above rules
are observed, major current derating, which was common in IGBT parallel connection
until a few years ago, is no longer necessary.
8.2.4 Balancing in parallel connection through external
Apart from symmetrical design, a compensatedDC-bus structure and an optimised gate
drive, balanced currents in IGBT parallel connection can be achieved by connecting
external passive components. This type of parallel connection can be combinedwith the
optimisations described in theabove sub-chapters.
The best known type of current balancing (which is also themost expensive) is the use
of inductors in the output phase of a half-bridge circuit. The inductance prevents rapid
current pulses and evens out the output current.
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