IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 223

possible, and realised in some applications, to send information via the same
transformer. Instead, established in the market is a discrete solution made of a signal
transformer and a transformer as part of the DC/DC converter as depicted in the
example of
Two separate pulse transformers for the driver channels A and B
and a third transformer for theDC/DC converter. The advantage of this separation is the
reduced interference, increased transmission speed and a reduced coupling
Fig. 6.10
Two-channel IGBT driver with transformers for the signal and power
With pulse transformers and transformers for DC/DC converter it is possible to build an
IGBT driver for all voltage ratings. As the voltage rating increases, so does the
dimension of the transformers, to ensure the requiredminimum creepage and clearance
distances. Typically, in high-voltage applications a combination of transformers for the
power supply is used and fibre optic cables (chapter
to transmit the control and
status signals.
Besides the advantage to apply transformers to virtually unlimited voltage classes, there
are further advantages of the pulse transformers to be mentioned. In contrast to
optocouplers, pulse transformers provide very short propagation delay times, which are
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