IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 216

6 I
bottom side IGBTs is realised, which is described in more detail in the following
Fig. 6.3
ACPL-333J optocoupler with additionally integrated logic functions and
2SC0108Twith pulse transformer andDC/DC converter
6.2.1 Level shifter
IGBT drivers in consumer applications are based predominantly on monolithic
shifters. Here, the separation of the input signal towards the output signal is realised by
an integrated circuit as presented in principle i
It is important to note that there
is no galvanic isolation between the input and output circuits of a level shifter. In case of
a failure it may happen that a direct connection between the high-voltage side and the
low-voltage side is established. Therefore, a subsequent isolationof theuser interface is
necessary inmany applications.
With "monolithic" objects are referred to, which aremade from one piece. In case of amonolithic level shifter for
IGBT gate drivers it indicates that theentire functions including isolation are realised ona single chip.
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