IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 208

Fig. 5.7
Data regarding the characteristic values of the freewheelingdiode
5.4 Rectifier diodes (PIM/CIBmodules)
For PIM/CIB modules there is further information regarding the maximum permissible
and characteristic values of the rectifier diodes. Aside from the data regarding the
maximum RMS values of the currents per rectifier diode I
and the total rectifier
the peak load integer value
dt i
(abbreviated I
t) is of particular importance.
The rectifier diodes lose their blocking capability partially or totally when they are
exposed to an I²t value and their junction temperature has not returned to a value as
specified for continuous operation. This may occur in the application due to high peak
currents such as charging of the DC-bus when first turned on or after a short dip of the
mains voltage. The higher the I²t value the more robust is the rectifier diode against
such occurrences. Further, the I²t value may be used to select special semiconductor
fuses of which the I²t value has to be below that of the semiconductor which they are to
Fig. 5.8
Data regarding the characteristic values of the rectifier diodes
The I²t value has a direct correlation with the value I
also given in the datasheet,
which describes the non-repetitive surge on-state current. I
is the maximum
permissible current during a half-wave of themains at 50Hz. The rectifier diodewill lose
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