IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 206

Fig. 5.4
Data regarding the characteristic IGBT values
The value for the typical short circuit current I
is not referenced to themaximum value
occurring during a dynamic short circuit but describes the linear extrapolation of the
short circuit current, based on a gate voltage of U
= 15V as detailed in chapter
and serves as a reference only.
The denomination for the thermal resistanceR
too is only a reference value resulting
from a theoretical consideration of the layer between the module baseplate and the
surface of the heatsink. For other conditions such as the use of a thermal compound
with different specifications and a different layer thickness there will be better or worse
values resulting in the application. With the calculation and simulation programmes
offered by the manufacturers, for thermal and electric evaluation, this
reference value is generally used. Like for theR
is always referenced to one
switch only.
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