IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 203

5 Moduledatasheet
5.1 Introduction
This chapter explains the information given by the datasheets relating to the IGBT
modules. Most of the parameters will correspond to aspects already covered in chapter
To illustrate this real Infineon Technologies’ datasheets will be used below.
Datasheets of other manufacturers are different in their visual appearance, however,
they usually include the same amount of information regarding the specific product, so
the explanations detailedhereare generally convertible.
Fig. 5.1
Cover page of a datasheet (moduleFZ750R65KE3 InfineonTechnologies)
Typically datasheets are separated into different sections which cover the following
Features of the IGBT(s)
Features of the freewheelingdiode(s)
Features of the supply rectifiers (for PIM/CIBmodule)
Features of the brake chopper (optional for somePIM/CIBmodules)
Features of theNTC resistor (optional)
Features of the entiremodule
Circuit topology andpackage information
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