IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 197

Fig. 4.25
Designwith compound and thermal foil
4.4 Heatsink
Every power semiconductor needs to be able to dissipate its power loss, whether as a
chip or in a module package. Only then is it able to switch the nominal power (or
currents). The heatsink is the final link in the thermal chain from the place where the
power loss first occurs to the thermal sink. Which one of the many different types of
heatsinks is used will depend on the semiconductors and application used.
Furthermore, a heatsink can also function as amechanical element, e.g. as part of the
case of an inverter. The task of the heatsink is to transfer the thermal energy fed to it as
effectively as possible to a cooling medium, (so in fact this cooling medium is the final
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