IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 195

Fig. 4.23
Example of a simulation for the dynamic consideration of temperatures in a
module designwith aheatsink
Users can carry out thermal simulations using the thermal model. Depending on
requirements, thesemay be quite complex or relatively straightforward. As described in
manufacturers of IGBT modules offer suitable software at no charge that
provides results that are precise enough for a wide range of application scenarios.
Special software that takes into account the individual layers and/or cross-linking
between several switches will be needed if more complex modelling is required. A
relatively simple simulation, based on SPIC
such as Simplorer
is shown in
The layer design with its corresponding material parameters was taken into
account in the simulation. As explained above, the R
and C
of the individual layers
are easy to calculate if the materials and their dimensions are known. When the virtual
power dissipation is impressed, the result is the thermal model of a power
semiconductor in the application. Thismodel can also be integrated in the controller unit
of an inverter. In this way, for example, a potential maximum current yield for the power
electronic switch can be calculated online using the information from the NTC
temperaturewithin themodule.
SPICE stands for "Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis" and is open source software for the
simulation of electrical switches. SPICE was first presented in 1973 by the University of California, Berkeley.
Since then, a number of commercial simulation programmes with an extended scope of functions have been
developed based onSPICE.
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