IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 170

3.10 Differentmanufacturing sources
Manufacturers of IGBT modules usually source their power semiconductors (i.e. IGBT
and diode chips) for a module type series from a source which is either their own
production and/or external (foreign) production. Sometimes it is possible that
semiconductors from two sources are processed within the same module series (not,
however, within the samemodule). For example thismay occur when a change ismade
from the wafer size 6" to 8" and during the transition period semiconductors from both
wafer sizes are processed. Another instance would be if the supplier of the
semiconductors runs more than one fabrication plant (fab) and supplies to the
manufacturer of themodules frommultiple sources.
If batches of different sources are processed it can be assumed that there will be
minimal discrepancies in the individual fabrication steps. These may then influence the
characteristics of the power semiconductors. Differences which may exist can be
ascertainedby comparativemeasurements.
Fig. 3.42
Influence of different fabrication sources of the same power semiconductors
on the switchingbehaviour (here 400A/1.2kV IGBTmodule ina 62mmpackage)
depicts an example for this in which semiconductors of different sources have
been characterised under the same conditions. If hardly any differences can be found in
switching behaviour of the modules with semiconductors of an 8" wafer batch from
different chip fabs, it ismuchmore prominent in the switching behaviour of themodules
with semiconductors which originate from different wafer sizes. The example shows a
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