IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 119

Fig. 2.48
A standardPIM/CIBmodulemade byFuji Electric
2.8 Insulation coordination
Insulation coordination means the attempt to bring together a selection of insulation
levels of individual items (e.g. IGBT modules, inverters), taking their voltages into
account. The specific properties of the equipment, the application and, if applicable, any
safety measures to be taken, have to be taken into account. The goal is to keep the
likelihood of failure or damage to the insulation of the equipment to a level that is
manageable financially and operationally.
IGBTmodules, together with their baseplates, aremountedon heatsinks for purposes of
heat dissipation. The heatsinks are generally earthed, andmay possibly be accessed by
operating personnel. On the other hand, IGBT modules are connected to supply
voltages (DC-bus voltages) of several hundreds of volts to several Kilovolts. This iswhat
gives rise to the requirement – described in national and international standards – for
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