IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 116

Fig. 2.45
Example of the internal construction required to achieve low inductance
2.7 Circuit topologies in IGBTmodules
To make using IGBTs and diodes attractive, technically and commercially, a large
number of different topologies have been integrated in modules. The lower the power,
smaller the blocking voltage, the greater integration is achievable.While single switches
and some half-bridges are offered more frequently in 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV IGBT
modules, modules in voltage classes from 600V to 1.7kV integrate all manner of
how the most frequently seen topologies, which are
now considered standard.
provides an overview of single switches, choppers and half-bridges in two- and
three-level topologies, aswell as anH-bridge.
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