IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 108

Fig. 2.35
Sample of aMitsubishi 150A/1.2kV IPM
There is no widely accepted standard for IPMs. Each manufacturer has its own
philosophy as far as functionality is concerned, which means the term IPM has diverse
meanings. Conventional IPMs are the type of product made by Japanese
manufacturers, whose products now dominate the IPMmarket. All IPMs have either an
analogue or amixed signal IC, an integrated circuit that performs functions such as gate
drive and fault detection basedon themanufacturer’s expertise.
Conventional IPMs do not have potential isolation at the IGBT drive inputs or outputs.
The potential separation has to be provided externally, usually optocouplers. However,
they do provide functions such as IGBT drive, short circuit monitoring and turn-off, and
monitoring of the supply voltage and overheating shut down. There is the option of
implementing "on chip" measurement on the IGBT chip to detect a short circuit or
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