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contacts are a separable contact technology and can be assembled and disassembled
multiple times. It is now used exclusively in combination with PCB, with the surface of
thePCB being the contact partner for the spring-loaded contact. The surface of thePCB
must be laid out in such a way that themanufacturing tolerances are balanced out and
the surfacemeets the specifications of a separable bonding technology.
The spring contact shown i
creates all the electrical and thermal connections
and is separable force-fitted to join it together with a screw from the cover through the
PCB and the IGBT module package through to the heatsink. Once this construction is
assembled, the spring contact assumes the task of providing the electrical connection to
the PCB and, via the spring force, pressing the DCB onto the heatsink. A contact can
carry a current of approximately 10A. For currents greater than 10A, spring contacts are
connected in parallel.
Fig. 2.32
Exampleof a spring contact (SemikronMiniSKiiP
The spring in the Semikron SEMiX
module shown in
connects the PCB to
theDCB inside themodule. TheDCB is attached to the IGBTmoduleby screws.
To guarantee low resistance, the contact point between the spring and the PCB surface
must be free of oxidation and other contamination. Thanks to the fritting effect (chapter
, this is relatively easy in the caseof load-carrying contacts,making it possible to
break down and, if necessary, expand, the contact point. However, for contact points
through which only a small current is flowing, e.g. sensor connections for measuring
temperature or determining the desaturation voltage of the IGBT, the fritting effect does
not come into play. Instead, the design and construction have to ensure that the spring
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is a protected trademark of SEMIKRON International GmbH.
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