IGBT Modules - Technologies, Driver and Application (Second Edition) - page 104

is becoming increasingly prevalent in IGBTpowermodules, particularly as analternative
to Faston plugs (chapter
or soldering for IGBTs in the higher power range. The
requirements for PCB designs have now been standardised. The PCB design for FR4
for theERNI press-in pin is described in IEC60352-5.
Fig. 2.30
Different types of press-in pins for IGBTmodules
Since 2009, modules have been specifically developed for optimised press-in assembly
in addition to standard IGBT modules with press-in pins. The modules for press-in
assembly have two parts: A pressure plate and themodule itself. ThePCB is positioned
between the pressure plate and themodule. The press-in process happens at the same
timeas themodule is assembled on theattached heatsink, byway of a central screw.
Fig. 2.31
Amoduledesigned specifically for press-in assembly Spring contact
In the lower and medium power range, spring contacts are used as a connection for
load and/or auxiliary contacts (in the case of the latter, also in combination with
screwable power connections) in the sameway as press-in or solder technology. Spring
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