8th Generation RF-Transistors

High Performance 840 RF-Transistor Series for Complementary Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Fidelity or “Wi-Fi” plays a major role in today’s communications by enabling constant connection in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and broadband Internet access for users with laptops or devices equipped with wireless network interface while roaming within the range of fixed access points (AP) or a public hotspot.

The 8th Generation product family is a series of discrete hetero-junction bipolar transistors(HBT) specifically designed for high performance 5 GHz band low noise amplifier (LNA) solutions for Wi-Fi connectivity applications. These Transistors combine the 80-GHz fT silicon-germanium:carbide (SiGe:C) B9HFM process with special device geometry engineering to reduce the parasitic capacitance between substrate and transistor that degrades high-frequency characteristics. As a result, the product series achieves 18 dB gain and best-in-class (BIC) 0.96 dB noise figure in a 5 GHz band application circuit without input matching elements requiring only 8 passives in total.

8th Generation RF-Transistor Series allow engineers to increase the RF link budget and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of their AP routers and mobile stations when wider coverage areas are needed and especially when a higher order modulation scheme is used as in emerging very high throughput wireless specifications such as 256 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) in IEEE 802.11ac with more stringent SNR requirements for both the AP and the client.

This product series is housed in standard SOT-343 package, in the flat-lead TSFP-4-1 package and in the low-height 0.3mm TSLP-3-9 package for design where space is constrained.

Key features Key benefits Application
Best-in-class RF performance
  • High transition frequency fT = 80 GHz
  • High maximum RF input power
  • 1.5 kV HBM ESD robustness
  • High gain (18 dB) and best-in-class noise figure level (0.6 dB) with only 8 external passives 
  • Low voltage supply capability e.g. Vcc = 1.2 V and 1.8 V
  • Broad range of frequency coverage
  • Reduced power consumption within battery powered devices
  • Robustness
  • High tunability and consecuent ease of use
  • Device suitability under input signal power-stress
  • WiFi® Access Point (AP) routers and WiFi® modules
  • WiMAX and UWB
  • Satellite communication systems (SDARs, DAB)
  • Navigation systems (e.g. GPS, glonass)
  • Ka-band oscillators (DROs)
  • Remote control for multicopters


Product type OPN NFmin (typ) [dB] Gmax (typ) [dB] OIP3 [dBm] OP1dB [dBm] Package
BFP843 BFP843H6327XTSA1 0.95 22.5 24.0 7.0 SOT343
BFP843F BFP843FH6327XTSA1 0.90 23.5 23.5 7.0 TSFP
BFR843EL3 BFR843EL3E6327XTSA1 0.95 24.0 21.0 7.0 TSLP-3-9
BFP840ESD BFP840ESDH6327XTSA1 0.60 27.0 21.0 4.5 SOT343
BFP840FESD BFP840FESDH6327XTSA1 0.55 27.5 21.0 4.5 TSFP
BFP842ESD BFP842ESDH6327XTSA1 0.40 23.5 24.5 8.0 SOT343
BFR840L3RHESD BFR840L3RHESDE6327XTSA1 0.50 26.5 17.0 4.0 TSLP-3-9