CoolMOS™ in TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage

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Improved creepage distance for open frame power supplies



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Infineon's TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage package offers an extended creepage by increasing the distance between pins to 4.25mm versus the usual 2.54mm of the widely used TO-220 FullPAK package. This package targets open frame power supplies such as TV sets and PC power where dust can enter the case through air vents. Dust particles can reduce the effective creepage between pins over time which may lead to high voltage arcing.


The TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage package meets the requirements of open frame power supplies without additional measures. Thus, it reduces system cost by offering an alternative to frequently used approaches to increase creepage distance: silicon potting, the usage of sleeves, pre-bending of leads and other workarounds come at an extra cost of an estimated 2-5 USD cents. This cost and the additional process steps can be removed with the wide creepage package.


Package comparison - reduce cost and additional process steps



 Key features Key benefits Target applications
  • Increased distance of 4.25mm between pins to meet wide creepage requirements
  • Package height and width identical with standard TO-220 FullPAK package
  • Wider creepage between pins to avoid arcing even in polluted environment
  • Compatible with EN 60664-1 standard group III
  • Cost savings in creepage protection by removing additional efforts spent in alternative solutions today
  • Fully automated PCB assembly
  • FullPAK benefit of isolation






Product portfolio CoolMOS™ CE in TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage

R DS(on) [mΩ ] 600V CoolMOS CE 600V CoolMOS   CE
950   IPAW70R950CE
600 IPAW60R600CE IPAW70R600CE
380 IPAW60R380CE  
280 IPAW60R280CE  
190 IPAW60R190CE  

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